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Christian Distinctiveness

Christian Values at Hallaton

As a Church of England Primary School we have chosen to focus on 7 of the 15 Christian Values signposted by   These were very carefully selected by the children in KS2 and other stakeholders such as parents and governors. 

 These 7 values are not only visible in classrooms but along with planned curriculum work will be referred to throughout the year when the opportunity arises, not necessarily in an RE lesson. 

These values are so very important to us, in particular what they mean in the Christian sense.

Our Christian Values are: 








Service and Compassion

As a Church of England school we believe that serving God, means serving others, serving those in need and an understanding of this is encouraged and fostered through our fund-raising for charitable organisations.

Through supporting  a variety of local and international charities, our pupils take an active involvement in worldwide initiatives. This encourages respect for different cultures and a sense of justice which enhances their understanding of global citizenship. Often the pupils themselves come forward with a suggestion for a particular charity, one that they may have a personal link with or an interest in. They lead these initiatives with  commitment  and enthusiasm by giving up their own time and encouraging others to take part. 

Compassion is not about ‘doing good’ from a position of strength or just ‘remembering those less fortunate than ourselves’. Compassion requires an act of imagination and humility to share in the lives of others. A desire to act, to do something. A passion to do good in the world.

At Hallaton, pupils, staff and parents have a commitment for this. We demonstrate a real commitment to respecting and supporting people around the world as well as in our own local community and more importantly we hope we have also made a lasting impact on the lives and experiences of the charities we support.

We recognise that the work we do demonstrates our Christian distinctiveness and effectiveness as a Christian Organisation. We believe that this develops our children socially, emotionally and spiritually equipping them with wisdom and understanding of the world in which they are growing up in.