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French - MFL

The teaching of a foreign language to every child in KS2 is a statutory requirement, as set out in the National Curriculum Programmes of Study (2014).

Our French curriculum is designed to enable our children to:

  • Develop linguistic and communicative competence
  • Extend their knowledge of how language works
  • Explore similarities and differences between French, any heritage languages our children have, and English

We teach three core strands of essential knowledge: 

  1. Phonics – the key components of the sound-writing relationship
  2. Vocabulary – a set of the most frequently used words
  3. Grammar – the essential building blocks required to create simple sentences independently (including gender of nouns, singular and plural forms, adjectives (place and agreement), and the conjugation of key verbs)

Click on the link for a french nursery rhyme to help you remember your numbers! 
Dans mon jardin - counting nursery rhyme

 Our Year 5 and 6 French café