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Happy Christmas Everyone

Happy Christmas

This week we have been treated to two lovely events: the nativity and the carol concert.

On Wednesday we saw EYFS and Years 1 and 2 in their nativity play entitled Baubles which promised to be tree-mendous!  The story centred around the hardworking Mr Potts, the school caretaker, who helped the school children find the real meaning of Christmas. With the help of some busy mice, a sulky donkey, a sleepy sheep and some  directionally challenged kings the Christmas story was retold.

Today we held our annual end of term Carol concert which was led by KS2 and also starred the school choir and strings ensemble. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend and also to the 'Friends' who provided the refreshments for both events.

We do hope everyone has a really wonderful Christmas and look forward to seeing you soon in 2015!