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Jaguar F1 Primary Challenge Winners

Regional 'Fastest Car' Winners

Three teams from Year 4 went through to compete at Great Glen last week at the Jaguar F1 Primary Challenge Regional finals event. It was a long day and the children had to do a verbal presentation, build (using a CAD machine) two identical race cars to specific criteria, design and make a pit stop promotion area for their team and also a 10 page portfolio. They also had to complete an unknown technical challenge, where they had to make a pencil pot/desk tidy.

Our three teams all enjoyed the day ( especially the cakes!) and after racing their cars down a 20m track propelled by a gas cylinder, the men from Jaguar declared one of our teams ( Lightning Blast) to have the fastest car. This was a combination of the design of the car including lightweight Lego man driver and also Rose's quick reactions. 

Well done to all three teams and thank you so much if you were involved helping to create Pit Stop merchandise.