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Some of our strengths from our last inspection, which we are proud to share are:

  • The introduction of the school’s ‘Five R-Stars: be responsible, be resilient, be reflective, be respectful, be remarkable’ encourages pupils to do their best.
  • Pupils are proud to come to this school. They enjoy the range of responsibilities on offer. 
  • There are a range of clubs on offer.
  • Learning to read is a priority at this school. Pupils learn to read as soon as they start in the Reception Year. There is a consistent approach to the teaching of phonics. 
  • There is a sense of community at this school. 
  • Children in the early years foundation stage (EYFS) settle well. There are high expectations for behaviour and routines are well established. The curriculum has clear progression.
  • Beyond phonics, leaders recently introduced a new approach to teaching reading. Pupils state that the new approach challenges them. It helps them develop a deeper understanding of the text and helps them to read faster. Quality texts are at the heart of this new approach. Pupils enjoy reading.
  • Pupils say they feel safe. They say bullying is rare but adults act upon it should it happen. Pupils know how to keep themselves safe when working online. Leaders act swiftly to any locally reported concerns. Pupils learn how to keep themselves safe in the community.
  • There is a clear and robust plan to build upon the improvements already seen. Leaders are determined to secure further improvements.